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“India, country that occupies the greater part of South Asia and has roughly one-sixth of the world’s population.”

India Map India will amaze you with its size and diversity and population of course. As it is the vast country with so many diversities you will get the best opportunity to explore in many forms. The palaces and temples of centuries back with its cultural importance are worth to visit. The Landmark Tajmahal possibly the most visited shrine and the Ganges in Varanasi is another attraction. You may enjoy the bustling cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta or cool Goa or the mighty Himalayas and trekking in the Himalayas all are great to grasp. India can be one of the most intricate and rewarding country on earth to experience the diversities.

India At A Glance

Full country name : Republic of India
Area : 3,287,590 sq km (1,229,737 sq mi)
Population : 1,014,003,817 approx
Capital city : New Delhi
People : 72% Indo-Aryan, 25% Dravidian, 3% other
Language : Hindi
Religion : 80% Hindu, 14% Muslim, 2.4% Christian, 2% Sikh, 0.7% Buddhist, 0.5% Jains, 0.4% other
Government : Federal Republic

India, often known as a continent because of its size, borders many countries such as China, Nepal, Afghanistan and Bhutan to the north whereas there are Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east and Pakistan to the west. The seventh largest country in the world has an area of more than three million square kilometers. The sub continent is the second largest country in the world in terms of population. Majority of the population comprises of Hindus whereas people with other religions such as Islam, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains. India has more than 1000 minor languages and dialects amongst which Twenty-three languages are officially used in India.

India bears the exotic travel destinations that spread from the tropical greenery of Kerala to the frozen summits of the Himalayas. The expansive borders of India encompass an incomparable range of landscapes, cultures and people. Staggering along the streets of any Indian city, you will meet the people with several of the world’s great faiths. You will not only come across the temple rituals performed since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs but alos find domed mosques erected centuries before the Taj Mahal. Besides, you will also notice the quirky echoes of the British empire virtually at every nook and corner.

The white glowing beauty of the beaches and the tropical vibrations along with late night parties make Goa a prominent tourist site amongst the most visited destination of all. If you are looking for some thrilling activities or some romantic getaways, Goa is the perfect destination. The city of Goa also provides the beautiful colonial architecture, ambrosial cuisine, meditational yoga classes. Most importantly you can just bask in the sun at Goa. 

Mumbai, often known as the City of Dreams, is another delicate city for the holiday destination. The most exotic city that never sleeps but enjoys an eclectic mix of the most exhilarating places is Mumbai which allures you with an enviable vibe. The city of Mumbai has always been the dream city for all as it offers something new while you move from one corner to the other. You will have opportunities for some exciting activities or you can really investigate the popular sites making it the only place for you. 

Success Adventure Treks has meticulously designed the itineraries for the cultural and historical tours to India. You will have an opportunity to admire, contemplate and ponder over  multicultural and multiethnic and multilingual India. The heritage hotels of Rajasthan or the pink city of Jaipur also offer you amazing and vibrant culture. The invaluable customs and traditions of the charming people with varied lifestyle give you a perfect joy should you visit India. The another highlight of India is also to have a roller coaster ride across some of India’s most popular destinations like Ladakh. The monumental Taj Mahal in Agra is one of the Seven Wonders of the World which you will experience in the unique, charming and enriched culture of India.

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